A Beginner’s Guide To Betting On Football


Football is the most popular sport for betting, with an increase of more than 40% of the money spent by bettors wagered on the beautiful game, so it’s important to know all the main element features of the markets.

The huge level of matches has helped a to grow and allowing bettors to put a wager on a whole host of markets, with many betting sites like ufabet offering special deals and competitive odds.

Here, we run you through the thing you need to know about football betting to help you cut through the confusion surrounding the markets.

How football betting works

There are tens and thousands of football matches and markets to bet on every week. Bookmakers provide odds on the probability of the result matches and events within the match, such as how many goals were scored, corners won, red and yellow cards shown, and individual goalscorers.

Several bookmakers can have special deals and competitive odds to use and provide you with a cost-effective bet. Once the result of the big event is confirmed and your bet is a winner, you will undoubtedly be paid out of your original stake plus the winnings from the odds.

Below, we shall run you through the most popular kinds of football bets.

Match bet

The match bet could be the simplest form of football betting by which you choose the consequence of a soccer match. You can bet on the house team to win, the away team to win, or even a draw. It’s important to note that match bets are paid from the result after 90 minutes, so if the scores are level, the draw could be the winning bet, irrespective of the result after extra time or penalties.

Bet builder/same game multi

Bet builders are a relatively fresh addition to football betting, but their popularity has skyrocketed in recent years. Sometimes called the same game multis, these bets effectively accumulate outcomes from a single match rather than several matches.

These bets are less likely to be found because of the number of outcomes that need to happen. However, they’re perfect if you’re proficient in both teams and want to put small-stake bets at the larger odds that can be realized by combining numerous outcomes, such as how many yellow cards, corners, and goalscorers, rather than betting on every person market.

You can also include player props, which we explain below, in bet builders. Player props will also be becoming a favorite form of betting on their own.

Player props/Player stats

Player props bets demonstrate how far the betting markets have evolved from the simple goalscoring or card markets. It’s simple to bet on players to possess shots, shots on target, the first, last, or any-time goalscorer, or even to be booked or sent off.

What’s being offered differs widely from bookmaker to bookmaker, but one of many bookies with player props available.

Many bookmakers use these bets for boosted odds to provide more value to players, but you should be cautious about just how much you stake on these bets, as football can be very unpredictable.